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Founder & CEO

Mr Madushan Deshanga is a young entrepreneur who believes that everyone should benefit the ICT advantages over their business to grow themself. He firmly believes that helping each other is the best win-win scenario for any business. Especially to perform higher in their respective fields.

Madushan has a passion for business from his childhood. During his higher education, he followed both ICT and business management. While serving a prestigious government university, he becomes obsessed with the fields of network technologies & the ways of providing better services through the internet. All the experiences he gained helps him to start several business startups that currently operated successfully.


About DeshTech Solutions

The DeshTech Solution is a startup established in the year of 2019. The company offers numerous services to clients who seek the internet to scale up their business.
The team at DeshTech solution is capable of handling each and every ICT requirement for any kind of startup or multinational company. From a business logo to premium websites, social media marketing, email services/marketing, and dedicated network solutions are being covered for many clients.

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